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TOPO GIGIO (Officina Edicola Italy)


stickers: 168  (1-168)

starter pack: album 3,50€

packets: 5 stickers 0,90€ (box of 40 packets)

60 years and don’t hear them! Actually 62, since Topo Gigio was born as a television puppet back in 1959. He then became the protagonist of cartoons, comics and much more, bringing this Italian character to be loved all over the world. Born for Italian television, from 2020 he returned to Rai “mother” with a new cartoon series. Unlike the Disney Mickey Mouse, the second most famous mouse in the world has learned to live in the world of men, at least he tries!

The sticker album is completely dedicated to the new series, so the protagonist is also the Slime with which our heroes compete throughout the album. We therefore live a story that continues page by page where the attempts not always successful to achieve the most absurd mixes are told. The beauty of the album is just that, the continuation of the story and the interaction between the stickers and the pages of the album.

Very nice stickers, well cared for, even on the back. In fact, each type of figurine has its own colored tissue, the classic ones have a blue back, the transparent shaped ones have an orange back, the furry ones have a purple back, the glittery ones (thanks to the glitter) have a pink back. The internal pages of the album are also very dynamic, the specials alternate and the stickers are one with the story that continues page after page.

Special pages at the end of the album to present the 10 protagonists of the series, the magical ones entirely dedicated to Topo Gigio and the double central poster for attaching a giant mouse and its transparent stickers in the bedroom.

Really nice album, colorful, above all not trivial. The cost of the packets is not the most interesting, high compared to the average of similar albums, at least the quality of the stickers is good and above all it is the setting of the album that makes the expense less expensive. Right number of stickers (168, not nearly or over 200, too many for similar collections) and no card.

We do not agree on this new line of various publishers to propose the album without packets, the starter pack in our opinion always helps to make known a collection. In addition, 10 or 20 cents less per packet would have been the top, but it remains one of the most interesting collections of this first part of the year.

Welcome back Topo Gigio!


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