FanForever Card #7: BERTOLI!

“Eppure il vento soffia ancora!”. We are happy and proud to present our new Fan Forever Card, as the previous one of the Skiantos is a double card, it presents two generations of songwriters, Pierangelo Bertoli and his son Alberto.

The project was made possible thanks to the availability of Alberto and the Bertoli family, precisely the great sense of belonging to the territory made us decide to make a card with the colors of Sassuolo, the birthplace of both. While Alberto is a black&green fan, Pierangelo was actually known as a great Juventus fan. After all, in the 50s Sassuolo, then Sassolese, played in the minor categories and it is understandable that the young Pierangelo was attracted to the great champions of one of the Serie A teams.

We like to think, however, that from up there Pierangelo accompanies with his guitar both the black and white deeds and those of his hometown team, now in the football elite.

The proceeds will be donated to the PORTA OPERTA Volunteer Association (, a historic reality in Modena and the whole province, committed to the front line in solidarity and in the fight against social exclusion.

FanForever Card #7 – Card + Postcard
Limited and numbered edition 300 copies

UNTIL 06/05/


contribution of 5.00 €

Copies up to number 199 will be available in national preview on the occasion of the Music Day in Rome on 15/16 May 2021 ( From 17 May the remaining issues will be available (by reservation) at our headquarters in Bologna, Edicola Birra via del Triumvirato 34c and at the same time the sale from this site will start for everyone.

More detailed information will follow on May 17, when we will be able to list the copies still available.

Copies from 200 to 299 will be available directly in Modena, at the Porta Aperta Association.

10 free copies were also printed, they do not have a consecutive number from 1 to 300 and were distributed in this way: 6 copies to the Bertoli family, 1 copy to Municipality of Sassuolo, 2 copies to the Porta Aperta Association, 1 copy to the Figurine Forever Association.