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Estragon, Bologna – Saturday 12th june 2021

The whole world of stickers and cards in one day!
Swap area
Collectors area
Fair area
Publishers area
Bologna Tigers Subbuteo Area
Solidarity Figurine Forever Area
and much more..

Indoor and outdoor area to have fun “at a safe distance”

Our event will be partly indoor and partly outdoors, we will follow the directives of the Decree in force to ensure the safety of those present:
– Body temperature will be measured, preventing access in case of temperature> 37.5
– We will monitor compliance with the mask within the event and interpersonal distances of at least 1 meter in all common areas
– It is forbidden to create gathering areas inside the event, even in the external area dedicated to swaps
– Sanitize your hands often: there will be ample availability and accessibility to dispensers
– According to the indications, the people at the entrance will be counted, if the maximum number is exceeded, it will be necessary to wait for some visitors to leave
– it is possible to book your entrance, given the situation an email is welcome. For more information write to
– it is possible to book a game (free) in the Subbuteo area organized as always by friends Bologna Tigers
– outside Estragon, in the swap area there will be the opportunity to eat thanks to VAGABO, the on-the-road cuisine of the legendary Osteria dell’Orsa

ADMISSION 5.00 euro
(Unfortunately for this edition we cannot renew free admission for all children, due to limitations. We hope it will be different for the 2022 edition!). To thank all those who want to come and visit us at the entrance, you will receive one of our Celebrative Stickers, choosing from Angelo Schiavio, Lev Yashin, Beppe Signori and Dino Meneghin (until copies are available)

THE ENTIRE PROCEEDS OF THE DAY ARE INTENDED FOR THE INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN “Adotta Con La Figurina”, in support of distance adoptions at the Mondobimbi Tafita Village in Tulear, Madagascar.

Unfortunately, for the reasons you can all imagine, there are no stage events.

At the Figurine Forever space you can find our SolidAlbum and all our solidarity stickers and cards (Celebrative, Fumetto Forever, Fan Forever) and you can also leave your double stickers to donate to the “Adotta Con La Figurina” campaign.

Bringing this day home will be a source of pride and great satisfaction, despite the difficulties and the increased costs we have decided to keep the same admission price.


Figurine Forever Association

(Why “Warm Up”? Because this edition is just the warm-up of a larger project that will take place in 2022)

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