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cards: 650  (1-200 basic + 1-200 holofil + 1-200 optichrome + M1-M13 + H1-H37)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 9,90€

packet: 8 cards 2,99€ (box of 18 packets)

tin box: 6 packets + 3 bonus cards 18,90€

Before giving you a heart attack, the above number is the one to have all the versions of the cards, with 250 you have the complete set, but if some crazy collector wants to have the absolute set is different. In practice, the first 200 cards are available in three versions, the basic one with standard cards, the holofoil version and the optichrome holo.

The debate is open, someone will say that it is madness, our point of view is different, much better this solution which still allows you to have all the cards than what happened with the first series where the first 200 were very easy but the following ones, namely the special it was a dream to find them, very few have managed to complete the album. We remind you that on these series there is no missing card service.

So an acceptable solution, for those who want to have fun and collect the complete basic set without fainting, they can do it, super collectors can go wild and try to do the business, perhaps by selling the car or giving up their holidays.

The collection was expected to be released in 2020, as stated in the starter pack, understandable that Panini has waited for better times, the preparation work was still very accurate, second series really in every sense, the cards are all different from the 2019 edition not only that, each card has become double with the foreground on the front and a larger design on the back.

The first 200 cards are a festival of costumes, from uncommon to rare, from epic to legendary. Closes the set 37 collection tools and 13 map cards. Scenographies clearly different from the first series also because in the meantime Chapter 2 came out and we believe, much more; fans of the game will excuse us for our knowledge limitations.

Good quality card, a collection that will surely please the many fans of the video game. If desired, a special one per packet could be envisaged, perhaps even slightly raising the price, not low, of the packets but not impossible, especially compared to other recent Panini releases.

We liked the latest Fortnite sticker album very much, in our opinion it wins at a distance on the cards, both for the graphics, for the contents, and for the setting. However, this also has its say, to each their own choice.


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