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Celebrative Sticker #10: BRUNO NERI!

Who was Bruno Neri? Bruno Neri was an excellent footballer, a man of great values, a patriot. Before the outbreak of the Second World War, his sporting career starts from his hometown Faenza and continues to the big clubs, Fiorentina for 7 years, Torino for 3 years with an interlude to Lucchese that in 1936 / 37 played in Serie A. The period in Tuscany is also remembered for the three appearances in the national team.

Bruno Neri is famous for a photo from 1931, shown in our folder, on the occasion of the inauguration of the new stadium in Florence he is the only footballer not to give the Roman salute in front of the fascist hierarchs. Neri was not particularly involved in politics, perhaps he wasn’t even too interested, but his passion for art and poetry could have little to do with an authoritarian regime.

His proximity to anti-fascist circles led him to participate in the partisan struggle, as deputy commander of the Ravenna Brigade, his passion for football was also able to resist the pains and horrors of war, so much so that Neri took part in the Alta Italia championship of 1944 with the shirt of “his” Faenza.

Bruno Neri died on 10 July 1944, during a fire fight with the Nazis, near the Hermitage of Gamogna in the Apennines. We like to repeat that our solidarity stickers are not only intended to collect funds but also to remember, to raise awareness, to support historical memory as in this case.

At the same time we like to imagine, create alternative stories, for this reason we have created the sticker of Bruno Neri as a football player for the national team at the 1938 World Cup in France, won by the “Azzurri”. The blue shirt you see in the photo is really his and is kept at the Grande Torino Museum.

The entire proceeds from the sale of this Celebrative Sticker will go to our international Adotta Con La Figurina campaign in order to support long distance adoptions at the Mondobimbi Village in Tulear, Madagascar.

Celebrative Sticker # 10 – Sticker + Folder
Limited edition 99 copies numbered

SOLD OUT (copies available 0/99)

10 free copies have also been printed, they do not have the consecutive number from 1 to 99. These copies were distributed as follows: 1 copy to Neri family, 1 copy to Municipality of Faenza, 1 copy to Giordano Sangiorgi (MEI), 1 copy to ANPI Faenza, 1 copy to ANPI Bologna/Montesole Marzabotto, 1 copy to Radio Frequenza Appennino, 1 copy to Giglio Amico Onlus, 1 copy to Grande Torino Museum, 2 copies to Figurine Forever Association

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