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card: 405 (1-405)  + 22 card limited edition (italian edition)

starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 limited edition 9,90€

packets: 8 cards 2,00€ (box of 24 packets)

packet Premium 5,00€

packet Premium Gold 10,00€

tin box: 5 packets + 4 limited edition 12,99€

Our reviews always start from the assumption that we are lovers of classic stickers, adhesive ones to stick, while we have more hesitation about modern cards. This starting point sometimes puts us in difficulty because it is undeniable that, more and more often, some collections of cards far exceed those of traditional stickers in quality. If the price of the packets of the Euro 2020 stickers were also confirmed, the only strong point of the tradition would be a greater completeness of the collection, thanks to the much higher number of players present. We’ll be back when it comes time to review the stickers version.

We liked last year’s edition a lot, the detail of the flags behind the players, for example, was a beautiful sight. Of course this new edition could not be a copy. In the basic set the teams are at a minimum, just 8 players, a figure not comparable with the 2020 edition for the simple fact that the national teams are all represented, last year there were no players of squads from the playoffs.

There is not even the card with the emblem, in its place the “second skin” with the national team jerseys. There is not much more to say about the basic set consisting of 192 cards, among the many information on the front the positioning of the card number, at the top right, which helps to recognize them immediately. The relatively low number of the base set allows for many more specials, 213 of which 72 are linked to the ever-present Fans Favourites.

72 favourite fans are a little too many, really many, but the particular background with the national flag that we appreciated so much in 2020 makes the choice pleasant. Another confirmation is the Power with the players represented by role, in these Panini he dares to try something new in the graphic presentation, not too guessed the character of the names on the cards of the attackers, but it is a personal opinion.

We have arrived at the card number 342, from here on we find the most interesting. The 36 Multiple take up ideas already seen several times, to underline the choice of “Maestros & Prodigies” where we find a couple made up of a great champion already established and a potential new idol. Perhaps not all the players chosen are the most suitable, some are rather the need to put them on the album, however a nice idea compared to the Trios that often are not the better choices possible.

The last 27 cards of the album are the ones worth dwelling on the most. In these Panini dares more, creating interesting products, however part of the collection and not limited editions. The Jewels are mirror cards, the Shining Stars light up in the dark and the Secret Heroes, on the contrary, must be illuminated to discover the champions hidden below, a list present in the check list but you are not obliged to make a small spoiler.

Little thing (fortunately) compared to other countries but also in Italy we find 22 limited edition cards, here is the list:

starter pack: Cristiano Ronaldo, Barella

tin box: Insigne, Lukaku, Calhanoglu, De Ligt

with magazine Bomber: Kulusevski (march), Kjaer (april), Zielinski (may)

packets Premium: Mertens, Eriksen, Maguire, Giroud, Depay, Milik, Cancelo, Ramsey

packests Premium Gold: Modric, Ansu Fati, Donnarumma Card Premium on line

only on italian Panini website: Florenzi, Chiesa

Will Instant cards also come out as for the Calciatori Adrenalyn? The fact that it is not mentioned in the album guide does not mean that there will not be, on the contrary, in our opinion something extra could come out .. maybe in Italy and maybe if Italy goes on in the tournament .. or in other countries.

Interesting album, in our opinion the 2020 edition remains more beautiful and better realized, where we found several positive aspects so as to define it “incredibly beautiful”. Here the difference is made above all by the last 27 cards, a significant change compared to the past. The road to reach the top is still long, we believe we will have to wait for the world championship in Qatar, far (we hope!) From emergencies and pandemics, interesting album but not for a definitive judgment on Panini and its new editorial path


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