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V STIKERY MY VERIM (in stickers we trust)

The role of our Association is also to support culture, including sports. We are passionate readers of the articles made by the crew of Soviet Football, through the universal language of football we have the opportunity to learn about the stories of cities, lands and peoples that are often difficult to find mentioned in newspapers and magazines.

It is a work that we appreciate and want to support, which is why we decided to donate 100 copies of our Celebrative Sticker made on the great Lev Yashin, champion of Europe in 1960 with the Soviet Union. By purchasing this publication of ours, directly from Soviet Football (, you can help the site to be updated and richer and we will be happy to have given our contribution.

It is our characteristic to always look forward, the collaboration with Soviet Football could lead to future initiatives, stickers on great champions and beloved footballers of the former Soviet bloc.

в стикеры мы верим (v stikery my verim)

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