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METEOHEROES (Idea Lab Italy)

stickers: 180 (1-170, A-L)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 3.50
packets: 5 stickers € 0.70 (box of 40 packets)

Meteoheroes is an ambitious project, teaching children the importance of protecting the environment through a cartoon, made in Italy. The cartoon is made by Meteo Expert, the most important private structure for the research and forecasting of meteorological and climatic events. As often and fortunately happens, the pleasant continuation of the project is the printing of a sticker album. Once again, our little paper friends can make a difference.

The Meteoheroes are a group of 6 children who discover they have superpowers, all linked to atmospheric agents, they are a bit of a mess but thanks to the director Margherita Rita they are trained to fight pollution. Director of what? Of the Meteo Expert Center, of course! The cartoon is interesting because starting from a fantasy situation (the superpowers of children) it connects to everyday reality, including the scientist Andrea Giuliacci, meteorologist and presenter of the series. The adventures are set in many negative situations that our planet has to face in every part of the world. The villain on duty could not be missing, Dr. Makina and his perfidious maculans, as if there was someone specific behind so many disasters, we know that we are instead a little bit complicit in what is happening, the album reminds us, inviting the child to help parents in managing consumption in a more practical, ecological and environmentally safe way.

The album traces the episodes of the TV series (broadcast on Cartoonito), each page presents a specific adventure, they are samples of the individual stories but well simplified. The formula is effective, when an alarm is found in a precise geographical point of the planet, our little heroes go in action, defeating the maculans and final selfie to celebrate the great result.
It is certainly not a static album, forget the classic rectangular stickers, of course there are also those but together with many shaped ones. It takes a certain commitment to attach them all well and it takes attention to read the captions, which are essential not only to understand the story but also to read the messages for proper care of the environment.

As many as 12 adventures are present in the album, in addition to the initial presentation of the six Meteoheroes, the central part that takes up the initiative to which this production is connected is fundamental: saving the bees. For each packet purchased, we will contribute to the construction of a house for our little friends. Bees that have a fundamental role in the ecosystem, their survival is also ours.
Central poster necessary to discover the Meteoheroes headquarters with the stickers with the letters from A to I, no Monte Fuji like some beloved Japanese cartoons but our Gran Sasso. Italian production, but with heroes from all continents, it is up to the Italian Giorgio to represent Europe.

We realize that this review of ours is very introductory and perhaps not very dedicated to the characteristics of the album, those small and large details that every collector wants to know. In this case it seemed important to underline the didactic aspects and the aims of the project. Certainly we are happy to note the quality of the product, well-made albums without creases or other annoying problems (once again we find ourselves underlining that quality exists, when you want), beautiful stickers to look at and very colorful. We hardly ever refer to the cost of the packets, but it is undeniable that the effort to sell the packets for 0.70 with five stickers inside should be appreciated.

Albums to browse, study, collect and even listen to, thanks to the Spotify app. Commendable project, album that is a candidate among the top 10 of 2021, linked to the Lega Ambiente’s “Save the Queen” campaign, to protect bees, to be supported and supported.
As they once said: run to the newsstand!


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