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L.O.L. Surprise OMG (Panini)

stickers: 216 (1-164, M1-M52) + 50 cards (C1-C50)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.90
packets: 1 card + 4 stickers € 1.00 (box of 50 packets)

It is always L.O.L. mania, if we have not miscalculated we are on the fifth album in less than 3 years. Stickers, cards and then together for productions where let’s face it it takes a certain ingenuity to make them always different and interesting. After all, the characters are many, the settings as well, we are pretty sure there will soon be a sixth album.

If Panini prints continuously or has a halter contract or the product sells, among other things, the Modenese house is increasingly satisfying these types of albums rather than sports ones, even in terms of the quality of the album and the stickers themselves. The comparison between L.O.L, Poopsie and the NBA album is truly epochal.

Surely the L.O.L. OMG is fun and hilarious, even in attacking stickers. It is not so much the glitter, fluo, holographic stickers that are necessary, but also the round, rectangular, square and shaped ones, so much so that the stickers to really stick are more than 216, probably we will exceed 300!

Extremely interactive, we suggest parents to buy two copies, the first where to attach the stickers and try to complete it, the second leaving free rein to the children’s imagination in coloring, drawing, compiling, responding to the many additional parts of which the album is full.
Speaking of additional parts, the central novelty with the Magazine in stickers is very nice. Important and appreciable detail: the insert is attached to the album only with the upper clip, this allows you to remove it, if desired, without causing disasters.

Each page of the album is a specific theme, listing them all would also be boring and would take away the taste of leafing through the album, honorable mention anyway for Tiny Toys (invasion of round stickers!) and the final pages with the L.O.L. in concert and the four seasons.

The album would already be as good as that without the addition of the 50 cards, but there are those too. The novelty is that they are all connected, where one continues the other so that, put close together, you have a mega giant puzzle.

All very nice and fun, after the Poopsie, another 2021 production by Panini that bodes well for the future.


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9 April 2024