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I LOVE THE ANIMALS (Gamma 3000 Italy)


stickers: 60 (1-60)
starter pack: album + complete stickers set € 4.99

A new album from Gamma 3000 after the one released in November 2020 (, probably had its success as the publisher is back with a new collection, dedicated to farm animals. An opportune choice, given the limited type of stickers, to thematize it more specifically with respect to the entire animal world which is truly immense. Solution that also give chances to subsequent albums.

The format album plus complete set of stickers for less than € 5.00 is a great opportunity to bring even the little ones closer to the magical world of stickers, learn characteristics and curiosities of the animal world while having fun. The quality of the paper is not optimal but given the final price, in this case, it can be safely accepted.

Each farm animal is present with a dedicated chapter, the captions are useful for understanding, essential but necessary above all for an audience of very young kids, even the graphics pursue this target. Rabbits, cows, sheep, horses, pigs, chickens, birds and even dogs and cats. Very nice the final page with typical animals but from other farms around the world such as Alpaca, Lama, Reindeer and Yak.

Curious detail, the total of the stickers is actually 64, because four are double. Minimal album like the previous one, a good starting point for newcomers to the world of stickers.


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