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GENOA LE FIGURINE 2020/21 (Galata Italy)


stickers: 300 (1-240, 48 fig. The best Genoa, 12 updates)
starter pack: album € 1.00
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers – 50 packets box)

Album on sale only in Genoa and its province

It is the first album that we have the opportunity to review on Genoa and therefore we apologize if it is actually similar to that of previous years. Being the same publisher of Sampdoria, someone will have informed the red&blue club of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Sampdoria championship and they did not want to be outdone. After all we are talking about the Genoa Cricket and Football Club, the oldest in Italy. They have so many stories to tell!

First part of the album (stickers from 1 to 167) dedicated to the 2020/21 championship with an incredible number of players represented, 38! From this point of view, certainly the richest album among the various dedicated to clubs, from Mattia Perin to Steeve Eyango, two for each page and each players with four stickers. It is a commendable choice, it also makes the album different from the Calciatori, it allows for a much higher number of players and stickers than can only be found in this edition. The policy of President Preziosi certainly helps, Genoa in recent years has been synonymous with a truly exponential movement of players.

The second part is very interesting (stickers from 168 to 240 plus extra), four steps in over 100 years of history, ample space for the star’s missing shield. It is a story that we know well, because our association lives in the city of the club “executioner” of what happened, of course they think differently in region Emilia. It almost seems to be talking about the millennial dispute between Bologna and Modena about who invented tortellini (you already know the answer, of course!). 1925, almost a hundred years have passed but the wound for the Rossoblu fans is still open.

Always fascinating are the stickers in vintage black and white, shots from the matches and the great footballers. 6 pages and 13 stickers are dedicated to this historic championship and the long confrontation between Genoa and Bologna. Great prominence for a distant page of our football that we feel ours, because more than one of those protagonists are destined to become our Celebrative Sticker, for now, we have printed the great Angelo Schiavio.

Subsequently, the album takes a leap of 50 years and traces the rebirth of the Griffin, from Montevarchi to Anfield, from Serie C in 1970 to the unforgettable victory at Anfield in 1922 in the Uefa Cup. 22 highlights stickers traveling through 22 years of Genoa history. The pages of memories through the images of the matches and the players continue in the following pages, the victories in the derbies from Milito to Lerager and again the last 15 years with memorable moments, fluctuating seasons but always with the Curva Nord to win for their heat and the colors of the supporting.

“The best Genoa in our life” is the final part of the album, we had seen something similar in the Napoli album but here it is even more emphasized. 48 stickers are printed, 4 for each role, including the coach. Precisely the latter are the starting point, the most loved footballers in the years of Genoa coached by Silvestri, Simoni, Bagnoli and Gasperini are chosen. The fan collector can create the four favorite teams, from best to least best (worst, it seems a wrong definition).

To give you an idea of ​​the names we took the liberty of choosing the ideal eleven, they are not mysterious stickers, as the 48 names are written in the album, here is ours: Martina, Torrente, Nela, Rosato, Signorini, Ruotolo, Eranio, Maselli, Simoni, Milito, Aguilera (coach Bagnoli). But it was tough!

Finished the album? Not yet, we also find space for 16 update stickers that will be printed later. Really a great album, the only flaw is the internal graphics really reduced to the minimum terms, however an applause also to the quality of the album paper, hard cardboard cover and glossy paper interiors, not our favorite, but at least we don’t see here folds and other horrors seen in albums by other publishers.


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