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SAMPDORIA le figurine 2020/21 (Galata Italy)


stickers: 252 (1-252)
starter pack: album € 1.00
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers – 50 packets box)

Albums and stickers for sale ONLY in Genoa and its province

An important year for the Sampdoria hearts, the usual official album could not ignore it. This is why we have a product that is current but also celebratory, it is in fact 30 years since the Sampdoria championship, a team that has become legendary and that thanks to those successes still has fans in all parts of Italy.

Among other things, a good choice, better a single album than two separate ones, in theory more captivating, but in practice very risky for economic reasons. We still remember the splendid album made by Panini for the 30th anniversary of the Hellas Verona championship, with poor sales results and therefore without a sequel of other clubs.

Fortunately, Galata Edizioni takes care of it, making this year’s album a gem to be preserved and treasured with care, even for those who are not Sampdoria fans but love celebratory albums. We must congratulate this product, cardboard cover and interiors with glossy paper but without the unpleasant creases that we have found in other releases, especially around Modena ..

The first part of the album (stickers from 1 to 175) presents the 2020/21 team, in addition to coach Ranieri each player has their own page with 6 stickers, the usual presence of a bust sticker, in action, autograph, etc. Setting similar to all the other releases dedicated to individual clubs, but it cannot be otherwise. From Audero to Quagliarella, 26 players in the squad have their own stickers. The Sampdoria world, the youth teams and the rest are missing, but to the advantage of the last pages, glorious and celebratory as mentioned.

The second part of the album (stickers from 176 to 252) is entirely dedicated to the 1990/91 season, currently the only championship title in the club’s history. The great victories in the league, that of overtaking at the beginning of the season against Milan and that of May 1991 at San Siro against Inter, remembered with 6 collage images for a total of 19 stickers! Who’s writing was present that day at San Siro but in the black and blue curve and the penalty missed by Mattheus he still remembers it, as a fan of football stories it was just like that.

If the first part of the album were all single stickers, in this second part they are all puzzles of 2, 3 or 4 stickers. We have no ability to control but we hope the cut is excellent so that the final image can be as perfect as possible. The headlines, the curve, the celebrations, all in stickers.
That Sampdoria was a very nice team, just to celebrate the coach Vujadin Boskov by remembering the famous phrase “penalty is when the referee whistles” but also the “exploits” of the players, first in extra sporty clothes and then all blond for a promise made at the beginning championship.
It is also right to remember the father of the championship, the President Paolo Mantovani, the stickers 242 and 243 should be put in a picture to hang, the merit of that perhaps unrepeatable season is all of this great character of Italian football.


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