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stickers: 176 (1-156, X1-X20)
starter pack: album + 3 packets € 2.00
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers – 36 packets box)

In the beginning they were the Unicorns .. we can be optimistic about 2021 for stickers. After months of disasters, a well-made album arrives on newsstands, paper quality worthy of a Panini album, paper that takes us back to the golden years, compact, thick, no creases, a pleasure for the eyes and to the touch. The presence at the center of the album of postcards to be detached has certainly made this choice of material necessary, but we hope it will be a new course for Panini, a return to the quality that has (almost) always distinguished it!

The sticker albums are a truly varied world and it is the beauty, we have sports albums, cartoons, films, celebrities, fashion, toys, educational and in recent times the explosion of the Youtube world. There is no subject that cannot turn into stickers! With this spirit, here is the album of these characters from the world of slimes and toys (a term now obsolete, actually), an interesting choice because they are also and above all produced for sale in newsstands, therefore they have always been the home of stickers and so we hope it will remain in long.

In the beginning it was the Unicorns, then the Rainbow dolls also arrived. Very colorful album like those to create slime, glitter everywhere as if there was no tomorrow. The first part of the album is dedicated to dolls, to introduce and make known the Rainbow family with lots of information. We really like the varied setting of the stickers, it is certainly not a static album, so many special, shaped ones, it will be difficult to find doubles to exchange because they are beautiful stickers to stick anywhere, to the joy and desperation of the poor parents.

In the second part of the album we find the Unicorns, impressive to see how many there are and honestly it makes us laugh to think imagining the Panini staff busy creating the graphics, probably having fun (for us it would have been so) in discovering the various aspects of this world of fantasy, fashion and colorful.

Another interesting aspect is the presence in practically all the pages of interactive inserts, of the classic ones as we like them, no QR code or other virtual solutions, here children have to color and create, leaving free space for imagination, as an album should be with a target for the little ones.

Central insert with postcards, here too free space for children’s creativity, the stickers from X1 to X20 are destined to embellish these postcards but without predefined spaces, that’s right!

The stickers in general are a pleasure for the eyes, we have already said that they have a double use, they can be used to complete the album but also to give life to your school diary, notebooks and possibly no walls in the house 🙂
Of good quality, necessarily larger than other collections. Someone will have to object to Panini’s recent choice to sell boxes of 36 packets instead of 50, it is probably a necessary act to limit the return of unsold packets, for collections that are not expected to have an exponential impact; wishing from the packets present in a box, one could hypothesize which Panini collections are targeting the most, but this is not necessarily the case, it is often also linked to the total number of stickers to complete the album.

In slime we trust!


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9 April 2024