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CUCCIOLOTTI 2021 (Pizzardi Italy)


stickers: 512 (1-492 M-S 1-12 T 1-8) + 72 cards
starter pack: album + 1 packet € 1.00 / hardcover + 2 packets € 3.00
packets: € 0.60 (6 stickers + 1 card, box 100 packets)

Welcome back Cucciolotti! Some might answer that Pizzardi only makes one album a year, but he does it well! In this period where other publishers are disappointing on various fronts, this Cucciolotti 2021 is a panacea to hope that next year will be spectacular.

We honestly don’t have the historical knowledge of the Cucciolotti to make comparisons with 15 years of editions, but we can point out many positive aspects. Already from the starter packs the sensations are good, the paperback album of good quality (how nice to review a sticker album without creases), the hardcover is no longer soft and in our opinion it is an improvement, hardcover for only 3 euro with two packets. Here this is one of the cases where “only” is not a mocking term.

The packets still at 0.60 with 6 stickers + 1 card. Within the album, the publisher is keen to specify that with a box of 100, it cannot guarantee the complete set, but it is certain that there will be very few stickers to complete the album. The right reward for aficionados who buy a whole box should be an unwritten rule.

Contemporaneity is important, today the album is out on shops and online we find the site completely updated with even the possibility of ordering the missing stickers right away. It is true that we do not find speculators here (those who continually buy the same sticker .. like Zaniolo / Calciatori) but it is excellent that one can buy multiple copies of the same issue.

In addition to all this, the fundamental contribution that Pizzardi, year after year, has given to the associations for animals and to the protection of the environment, thanks to the sale of the stickers. “The stickers that make the difference”, we say it too, but in the case of Cucciolotti it is truly incredible (donated over 5.5 million euros!).

What has been written so far would already be worth buying, in reality the interior removes any doubt. If our animal friends and the Nasoni people are always the same, so are the various pages. Impossible to list them all, from the new journey of megadirectress Westie to Nasopoli that she introduces to the album.
We do not believe an album can be defined more interactive than Amici Cucciolotti, each page must be read and reread because you always discover different details. It is equally important that parents can linger with their children in reading and not just attach the stickers, captions and comics to tell us about our world and the varied animal and plant kingdoms that populate it. The many pages on “extraordinary trees” are beautiful. Ergo, it’s not just us humans!

Not only respect for nature, the album is full of good messages and that strong dose of positivity that this year, even more than usual, is needed. Honorable mention for the page “the energy of Italy”, we do not know if it is an absolute novelty but a little bit of national pride is always good for us.

We have said some interesting pages on the big trees in the world, very beautiful also those of the looks, special stickers to put on the faces of the various animals. The more didactic themes are also interesting to help learn a few words of English, help memory and much more.

Final part of the album that will surely delight many fans of the fantasy world with dragons, magical creatures and the mythological puzzle. The 72 cards with the best of the most popular images from previous years are dedicated to this theme.

The stickers are always varied, special, colorful. Usable in the album but several doubles also elsewhere. Over the years Pizzardi has increasingly limited the extra stickers to numbering or to the album itself, a popular choice, this year we find 8 adhesive patches, on the back it is specified to first ask permission from the parent, who knows if someone over the years has written to the publisher complaining about what the children were up to with the doubles .. No notion about the presence of big stickers (Figurone), as far as we are concerned we will not miss them.

Thanks Pizzardi for this great end of year!


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