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NAPOLI LE FIGURINE 2020/21 (Erredi)

stickers: 288 (1-288)
starter pack: album + 1 packet € 2.00
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

We don’t always have the opportunity to view the album dedicated to SSC NAPOLI, so let’s assume that our review may be inaccurate compared to the products of the past years. The 2021 edition is really interesting, it has a setting where the present and the past have their space, so we can separate this editorial issue into two distinct parts. The album is on sale ONLY in Naples and its province.

In the first part of the album (stickers 1-172) we find the current Napoli, it is a fairly classic part for all the albums dedicated to a single club, even if here is the sticker of the president De Laurentis, unusual compared to other teams, but not for Napoli, knowing the charisma and character of the owner of the Neapolitan club.

After coach Rino Gattuso, each player has their own page with 6 stickers, 26 players, from Ospina to Milik. Each sticker has its own theme, from personal data to football history, from autographed to the shirt, etc. Having only one packet available, we cannot know if there are also special stickers.

In the second part of the album (173-288) we find the history of Napoli through its great champions, thus making room for nostalgia. Nice separation, 12 stickers for the Neapolitans DOC (Ferrara, Insigne, the Cannavaro brothers, Bruscolotti and all the others) and 36 for the foreign champions, in double stickers with the player in action, from Altafini to Careca, from Krol to Higuain but NOT Maradona! Diego is present but not as sticker, just a photograph. This has already happened in past years, a symptom that the relationship between the Argentine champion and the Napoli club was not idyllic.

We recall that the album was printed before Maradona’s death, who knows if things will change in next year’s edition. Also taking into account that a space in the album should be given to the new name of the San Paolo Stadium, perhaps it will also be an opportunity to see Diego in the sticker again. Even just the famous and immortal one of his entrance to the stadium crowded with fans on the day of its presentation.

Final part of the celebratory album of the 2020 Italian Cup but above all to the Dream Team. A commendable initiative that will drive collectors crazy, the 21 most winning and loved formations in the history of Napoli are presented. The curious aspect is that in the pages you do not find the consequential numbering but it is repeated A and B (stickers from 240 to 281). The fan is therefore free to attach the stickers of the various formations according to their taste, from the first to the last favorite.

The album helps by specifying why the formations were chosen, we go to the first Napoli 1926/27, the year of the foundation, to last year. Can we predict that in many albums we will find the 1986/87 lineup first? The first Scudetto and with Maradona .. you never forget 🙂
In the introductory caption we talk about 22 formations but in reality 21 are listed and also the space is for 21, who knows which will be the twenty-second forgotten.

The stickers are simple, more beautiful than those of the time and during the game phases. In each packet there is also a coupon to donate points to your school or sports association, the most voted will receive material donated by Napoli Calcio. The pressure closure of the packet also damaged the stickers inside. Since our only packet is the free version inside the album, we do not know if the problem is repeated in the other ones as well. Rarely, the cost of the packet has dropped compared to the past.

Interesting album, especially for the part on the history of Napoli, it could be more captivating with fewer stickers, inserting 5 or even 4 instead of 6 for actual squad. However, in our opinion improved compared to those we have seen in recent years .


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