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GIANMARCO ZAGATO (Promotional Srl Italy)

stickers: 168 (1-168)
album: € 3.50
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

A new album of youtubers in stickers! Since Zagato has made himself known through the paranormal and the mysteries, maybe he could tell us who is behind “Promotional Srl”, also publisher of the DINSIEME album. Is there a big publisher who prefers to remain anonymous for commercial or other reasons? Panini? Topps? No, let’s think more about Giochi Preziosi (it would be a return to the world of stickers) but also Fabbri or Mondadori, publishers of the books by Dinsieme the first and Zagato the second.
This doubt comes from the very hidden management of these albums, we do not find a site, we do not find even an email and even on google we have not found any reference to Promotional Srl. Funny if we think of sticker albums dedicated to web stars! The management of the sticker request (only via postal order, very vintage) is entrusted to a company that provides services to publishers. The mystery remains …

Promotional Srl albums are interesting because they are direct, seemingly simple, without too many stickers, without special stickers, without additional cards (thank you!). They are classic albums even if linked to the web, which is absolutely modern and current. The youtuber from Padova writes that he has worked a lot on it and it shows, as with other similar albums it is clear that there is a multi-handed work, certainly that of the publisher but with the indications of the protagonist.
GZ owes its success to its videos on mysteries, on the paranormal and on the Ouija board, it is appreciable that the setting of the album is much more personal, only the final part is dedicated to “darkness”. After all, if you visit his youtube channel you will find much more, very funny videos related to unlikely purchases on Amazon. His attempts in the kitchen are almost disturbing, more terrible than horror stories! 🙂

GZ is also smart, the album starts with the fashion pages (in addition to the stickers, for those who also want to buy his t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.), it turns personally with photos of the family, his animals and the first video experiences , since childhood and then on with the whole world of GZ.
We would have to open many packets to get a precise idea of ​​the stickers it contains, it is not a didactic album, only nice notes that allow Gianmarco to interact with fans. The formula used by others also works, in our opinion. The album is made up of photographic stickers and as in any photo binder, who hasn’t added phrases and thoughts? The idea is all here, simple, but effective.

The important thing is not to take himself too seriously, in his search for perfection Gianmarco admits that he is not and this makes him nice and between shopping, surgical operations (which we do not share), mysterious videos and everything else, ends up making it much more real than he himself can imagine.

Advice for Promotional SRL (or whoever behind ..): change the editorial line to sell the album only without packets attached and at a cover price out of the market. Make good old starter packs! 😉

What to say.. baciones!


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