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card: 230 (1-230)
starter pack: album + 3 packets + 2 LE cards € 9.90
packets: € 2.99 (8 cards, 18 packets box)

Was the chicken or the egg born first? We know that the programming of an album is six-monthly if not annual, but we like to think that this Panini release is linked to the great success of the LYON album (linked although not officially to the world of Minecraft), not so much in terms of ways, but in timing. That is, that it came out earlier than expected? 🙂

Certainly times are risky, if it is true that Minecraft has an exponential success with millions of game lovers, releasing such an expensive product simultaneously with the Queen Calciatori leaves us some perplexity. The second doubt is more personal, this review would certainly have a different setting if it were a good follower of the game, this is not the case, so forgive us the mistakes and above all the shortcomings. Certain details and details would not go unnoticed by fans.

The collection consists of 230 cards, divided between 7 genres, compared to those of Fortnite it seems more structured and refined. The binder insert is interesting where every single card is not only mentioned but has a small caption, the purpose is certainly to help understanding the game and make it more appealing.

Good Panini to sell the starter pack with the paper bag, the binder instead is plastic and we believe it is the solution that will remain so in the near future. We cannot think of an optimal alternative solution if not the infamous boxes which, however, take away all the pleasure of putting in order and inserting the cards. We are sure it is a fundamental part of the collection for everyone, even in the most traditional stickers, even those who do not attack them (we do not understand but we adapt) keep them in binders. Ordering cards is a pleasure that cannot be resisted, as well as being quite fun.

8 cards per packet, good quality, better than Adrenalyn, but 3 euro per packet risks driving away more than a few curious people. According to the category we find both simple and special cards, what unites them all is the presence on the front of the card of a small symbol that refers to one’s role in the game. Special mention for the first 9 cards, divided into three allow you to create the panoramas of the Minecraft world. They differ from the others because they have an image on the back that allows you to have an overall view even if you are physically missing the other parts to complete the panorama. Even the glow-in-the-dark cards have additions on the back, still others have hidden images. Most have characters, objects, places from the Minecraft world, who is passionate will easily recognize everything.

Division of the cards:

1-9 Panorama cards (specials)

10-45 Mobs & Players cards (standard)

46-81 Face glow cards (specials)

82-108 Structure cards (standard + specials)

109-135 Mobs foil cards (standard + specials)

136-207 Item cards (standard)

208-230 Action cards (3D)

To these must be added the LE cards, at least 6 (2 in the starter pack, 4 exclusively on the Panini website)

A curated collection, better than other similar productions by Panini itself, there remains the doubt of having chosen the right moment and the right commercial proposal. In terms of graphics and quality of the cards, it fully wins over other competitors, but sometimes it is David and not Goliath who wins.


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