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This endless year another great sports champion is taken away, an eternal “figurina”. Paolo Rossi was for everyone the hero of Mundial Espana 82. His hat-trick with Brazil, goals against Poland and West Germany, that smile that will always remain in our hearts.

However, if you were born in the early 1970s, the myth of Paolo Rossi was born well before that Spanish summer. For me as a child, the time had yet to come to choose the team of my heart, I followed the deeds of my favorite players. So, not infrequently, those who asked me for which club I was a fan the answer was Vicenza and in 1980 Perugia. For one reason only, it was where Paolo Rossi played before the Madrid night.

Paolo Rossi, clean face, face like an average Italian, smiling, goals that often seemed easy but to get them you still had to be there and Pablito was always there.

Paolo Rossi was one of the symbols of Italian football, he was also and above all for those who do not follow sport. Absolute icon. Silvia Ziche, an established Disney designer, when she created the solidarity card of Lucrezia for our Fumetto Forever, she did it with the Vicenza shirt. Because Silvia is not a fan, she is not even passionate about football, but in Vicenza there was Paolo Rossi and it was impossible not to follow him.

Ciao Paolo, Figurina For Ever


Emiliano Nanni
Association Figurine Forever

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