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stickers: 140 (1-140)
album: € 2.00 (waiting for the starter pack)
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers – 36 packets box)

The Turkish answer to Elisa of Rivombrosa? Completely different historical period and location, but this TV series has certainly made the hearts of many go crazy even in Italy, thanks also to Can Yaman, the leading actor.

The mix is ​​the ever-present classic, the beautiful and intelligent lady, of humble origins, and the handsome, gloomy rich man, at the request of his father who became a businessman, but in his heart, a free and wild spirit.

Of course, everything revolves around the great passion between the two protagonists, several will try to put the couple in difficulty. In the end, as in all fairy tales, classic or modern, it will be Love that wins. The series is currently airing on Canale 5, pending the second season, already made in Turkey and scheduled in Italy for 2021/2022.

The album introduces us to the characters, from Albatros (no, not Bianca & Bernie’s) to Sanem, from brothers and sisters to friends and those not exactly nice to meet. After a double giant poster in the center (unfortunately no space for stickers), the album continues with pages dedicated to some of the highlights of the story. The last page is nice where, if you want, you can learn some phrases in Turkish, suitable if by chance you fall in love in Istanbul!

The stickers are mostly frames from the same TV series. Larger than the standard size, special with glitter effect but nothing more. Unfortunately we have to make some negative notes:
. the poor quality of the paper, equal to the latest printed albums, which unfortunately denote a lack of care and even consideration for those who buy (we are also experiencing the problem of paper with other publishers)
. the cost of the packet at 1 euro for 5 stickers, honestly too much. The only advantage could be if, by purchasing the box of 36 packets (therefore 180 stickers), the complete set is found as the stickers are just 140. Maybe we would like to remove the curiosities 🙂

Panini has organizational and graphic skills well above the average, here it probably put in a little bit of effort. Too bad, because it could have good potential, it didn’t take much, a few more interactive pages, the poster with stickers, etc. There could even be a small didactic part to discover that beautiful country that is Turkey.

Then of course, we are always just passionate and not a multinational, but it is a bit like at school when teachers tell parents “he’s good, but he doesn’t apply”


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