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MILAN OFFICIAL 2020/21 (Euro Publishing)


stickers: 216 (1-216) + 32 cards (M1-M32)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 3.50
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers or 4 stickers + 1 card – box of 50 packets)

It was not taken for granted, given the situation, but the official AC Milan album, also published by Euro Publishing, is back this year, so we can expect the next release of Inter and Juventus, on a national scale.

The first impression left us a little perplexed, given the additional choice of cards (it’s true, there were also last year, but in a pop-up version, therefore a slightly different product), the combination of sticker + card is not always necessary, on the contrary. On the other hand, like last year, it did not lead to an increase in the cost of the packet, while most publishers have moved towards 0.80, Euro Publishing is good at keeping the price unchanged.

Not all the packets contain cards, it is not a defect, being few (just 32) so you avoid finding many doubles against the real stickers.

An album dedicated to a single team, now in its fourth year, cannot be expected to be original and innovative, it is still pleasant, with a pleasant visual impact and we imagine a joy for the eyes of all the Rossoneri fans. Always positive side is the presentation of the squad as wide as possible, here we have 27 players, all with the same number of stickers (5 including specials, in action, doubles + 1 present in the double page summary), an important and welcome detail , although we still dream of an entire album dedicated to the great career of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In that case, however, we would not be talking about Milan alone.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still a focus of this album, it couldn’t be otherwise. Two extra stickers are dedicated to him at the beginning, after the pages dedicated to kits, stadium (always popular stickers) and the new arrivals, a somewhat enlarged concept since we also find Daniel Maldini (son of Paolo and grandson of Cesare) having already played in the last championship.

For rookie fans, the spotlights will be on Daniel Maldini and Lorenzo Colombo, potential great promises of Italian football. Usual final pages on the Milan world: the women’s team, which in our opinion deserves more space, the Primavera team, the beautiful initiative of the Milan Foundation and waiting to return to win a blast from the past with some stickers of the glorious history of Milan, here we find the sticker of Paolo Maldini (nr. 211) and Gunnar Nordhal (nr. 215).

There is not much to add on the 32 cards, just a useful outline especially for having the complete Milan squad even in hardback version. They could be made interactive, perhaps with the QR code where you can see the player in action. Little advice if any for next year’s album.

Among the emblematic captions the presentation of the San Siro / Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, celebratory and fiery as if it were written by the Fossa dei Leoni of the South Curve, despite the fact that even the ultrà leaders would have had to go to the dictionary to discover the meaning of “hieratic stadium” 🙂


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