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We are excited and proud to present our first ONLY FORever FANS card! The “figurina” inside the usual postcard will be the 2021 gift for our members, it will never be sold and will be printed in copies equal to the members. The numbering will show that of our member’s card.

We decided to homage Olga Panini, the mother of the 8 Panini brothers, in front of her newsstand in the center of Modena. Everything was born from Mrs. Olga and that newsstand, without her entrepreneurial spirit and her stubbornness we would never have had the Panini myth, built not only by the four brothers, but also by the four sisters, all however through the willpower of mom Olga.

The card in front of the newsstand is also in some way connected to our Association, after all we too were born and grow up in a small newsstand in Region Emilia. Naturally without the prospects and intentions of the Panini’s at the time, but allowing us to say that we share the passion of our work and the desire to always get involved, even taking risks.

The initiative is carried out with the consent and participation of the Panini family, first of all they provided us with their family photo archive from which we chose these two photographs. Mrs. Olga in the card, and behind the photo of mom with all eight sons.

We want to thank in particular Matteo Panini (Umberto Panini’s son) and Valerio Leoni (Edda Panini’s son), directly involved in this project. Our intention was to present it in a public meeting during the Figurine Forever 5 Fair on January 16th; the current situation does not allow its realization, but this meeting is simply postponed. Let’s hope not the Fair.


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