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LYON (Officina Edicola Italy)


cards: 150 (1-150)

album + 1 packet 5,00€

packets: 1,50€ (5 cards – box 24 packets)

Lyon Gamer also arrives at his album, it is our firm belief that it is a good thing that the new myths of the very young, while “living” thanks to the virtual, try to probe their presence on shops with the very material stickers, whether they are adhesive or card . They are often hit albums and this bodes well that the immortal charm of our little paper friends will remain so for a long time to come.

If you have, like the writer, a 6-year-old nephew, you cannot fail to have seen the youtube channel WhenGamersFail at least once. Behind the pseudonym of Lyon lurks the very Italian Ettore Canu, coming from the beautiful Sardinia. Another important detail is to know what Minecraft is, one of the most successful video games in the world.

It is not the role of Figurine Forever to make judgments on the value or otherwise of a program or a TV series, sometimes maybe we joke about it, we usually prefer to talk about stickers. Reading some information on Lyon Gamer it seems to us that in reality one can not share the tastes but not the form, which is linked only to healthy fun without, for example, gratuitous verbal violence, Lyon’s “shouting” during the videos is only part of the character.

You may be thinking “ok, that’s fine, but when are you talking about the album?” 🙂

Well, more than a card album it is a card binder. It seems a detail but it is not, in fact the album has space to contain the 150 cards closely related to the game “The mystery of the cruise ship”. The characters, objects, rooms and skill cards are presented.

Binder as the pages are intended to contain the cards without the presence not only of captions but also of images not related to the game, they only repeat the cards to be placed on top. It is an album about the game and not about its creator and his partner Anna and their youtube channel. Choice that perhaps confirms the attitude of our Lyon, less inclined than other web heroes to show off, mainly giving space to the game.

40 minimum cards are necessary to be able to play, an argument must also be made on the cost of the pack which, in our opinion, should not be compared with other sticker albums but with other collections of trading cards. The same setting of the packet is particular, of the 5 cards inside you are sure to find 1 Holo, 2 Metal and 2 normal. Very important detail: cross your fingers to find the card no. 101, 104, 112, 141 the ultra rare that are NOT part of the missing service!

Album more suitable for videogame and card game followers than for stickers/cards fans, but as always for Figurine Forever, if the cards (or stickers) have an album, we will review it!


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