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Have you ever had a magnet worth over 1000 euros on your fridge? I did, until tonight, even if I didn’t know exactly it could have this value or better and more honestly, I didn’t want to get rid of it.
Of course it is not the magnet that has value, but the sticker inside it, the first (the “rookie”) by Diego Armando Maradona from the Panini Calciatori 1979/80 album.

Then I reasoned: it is one thing to be a collector, another to have the awareness of living in a world where we are not alone. Faced with the many difficulties, even of our friends at the Mondobimbi Tafita Village in Tulear, keeping an object of such great value attached to the fridge seemed embarrassing to me, at the very least.

So, when Wouter Waaijers of Catawiki Europe contacted me proposing to carry out a charity auction in favor of our project for Madagascar, I thought it was the right moment to say “ok Diego, after all, I have your sticker in my album, naturally, that one, attached “.

The sticker, after a heated “battle”, was purchased by a collector in the US for 1103 euros. An amount that, added to others, allows us to complete the goal of 11 long distance adoptions for 2020 in Madagascar, within our Adotta Con La Figurina/Sticker Raising for Madagascar project. An incredible result in a difficult year like this one!

Thanks to Catawiki, Diego, the buyer but also to all those who from January to today have donated stickers and albums on the one hand and bought stickers and albums on the other. Thanks also to the protagonists of our limited edition stickers and cards, linked to the fundraising for Madagascar: Giacinto Facchetti, Dino Meneghin, Cisco, Beppe Carletti, Steve Lee and Beppe Signori. Thanks in general for all the projects, because the Association is also committed on other fronts, in full awareness of our means, but with the passion and stubbornness that has always distinguished us.

Of course it is not time to sit on our laurels, now “made the team” 2020 (Tafita United even if in reality it does not exist, of course), we invite you all to continue to support us, because it is time to start building the opposing team, the 11 long distance adoptions for 2021.

Thanks! In Stickers We Trust

Emiliano Nanni
Association Figurine Forever

p.s. on the fridge there is an empty space, but the heart is not, it is full of joy

p.p.s. now don’t think you have millions of euros at home in stickers, these are extreme cases, limited and on material in excellent condition. For anything, however, you can contact the Association.

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