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stickers: 200 (1-200) + stick & stack
starter pack: album + 2 packets + toy € 4.99
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

Intriguing the choice of this album, Sbabam is a leader in products for newsstands when it comes to small toys, models and surprise bags. Among these, the Kreaturex toys which has seen a myriad of outputs including marine animals, dinosaurs and much more. The success was so significant that the publisher decided to make an album out of it.

The album is dedicated to the predators of the earth, yesterday and today. Compared to the other collections of stickers on animals that we find on shops here our friends are all represented with illustrations, at least in the packets that we have opened there are no photographs.

The chapters of the album are divided into settings: forest, jungle, prehistory, ice, savannah, dinosaurs and skies. The abysses are missing. The captions are essential, lots of information on animals that are didactic but also and above all curiosity.

The album is completed by the double central poster for the stick&stack stickers.

In the 200 stickers we find many shaped, the total number is actually higher as the stick & stacks are not counted, we will investigate how many there are and update the review.

Nice album, useful to promote the cause of our beloved stickers.

Too bad that Sbabam is also affected by the poor quality of the album paper, after Panini and Diramix they too fall into this mistake.


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