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SESPO & ROSALBA (Diramix Italy)

stickers: 184 (1-170, A-P)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

In the beginning they were midfielders, stoppers and strikers. Now it’s time for influencers, bloggers, tiktokers, youtubers and vloggers! The world of the web is increasingly connected to that of stickers, so much so that one day we would like to write a special article on all the albums related to the virtual world. What are we waiting for? Let the album of the queen of the web, Chiara Ferragni, come out. Everyone’s getting there, she’ll get there too, sooner or later.

Sbabam and Diramix are at the forefront in the making of these albums, with good and less good results, however, it must be acknowledged that they differ from each other, we like to think that those directly involved are always involved. After all, we are sure that all these web stars, at least once, have collected an album of stickers. Like everyone else.

40 years in two, born in 1999, Sespo and Rosalba are a novelty compared to the previous albums, because they are the protagonists of videos together but in reality they are born separately. The evil ones might think that their love story is just a marketing idea, if so, they know how to hide it really well.

The album presents their whole world, it is very multimedia, in the various pages we find the codes to see clips and other videos. It could not be otherwise, after all we are talking about vloggers (we do not know if the term is already in the Garzanti vocabulary, but we are informed, it is the video version of bloggers, another modern term).

We find both dedicated pages individually and together, captions in minimal terms, space for photos. The stickers of their travels, in the USA and Japan, are funny. Rosalba was born with makeup videos, consequently a lot of space also for the look of both.

More “intimate” final part with the memories of Sespo and Rosalba, with photos stolen from their lives. The page “how much do you know us?” is funny, to get the answers you have to find the corresponding stickers. In the center, double poster for stickers A to P.
However, very colorful pages, different with the background as if they were school notebooks, certainly not a new idea but still perfect.

The stickers are nice, most of them portray moments from the web life of our couple, others are posed, shaped and glitter photos. We haven’t opened all the bags yet but if we wanted some animated stickers, we would have been fine.

MecontroTe, Dinsieme, Twoplayersoneconsole, will Sespo & Rosalba also succeed in becoming a success in stickers?


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