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The 2021 membership campaign has started! It was an incredible year, hopefully unrepeatable, but it was also an intense 15 months (the Figurine Forever Association was born in September 2019).

We withstood the impact. We can say this with some satisfaction, we had thought of a different 2020, with many initiatives, unfortunately it was not possible and we do not yet know when 2021 will be operational again.

We actually never stopped, we anticipated the times, we were among the first, certainly the first on the stickers, to organize an event completely online. A particular experience that does not correspond to our way of being, the encounter is an integral part of our world. For this reason, we anticipate that Figurine Forever 5, January 2021, if it is not possible to make it, will be re-proposed towards the summer. There will not be another Fair via the web, we will wait for better times.

We actually never stopped, we made 10 solidarity stickers/cards, after the Celebrative Stickers, the new Fan Forever and Fumetto Forever series were inaugurated. In a normal situation they would have long since run out, despite this, they have given their results.

We actually never stopped, throughout 2020 we have continued to carry out support and solidarity campaigns; we are still convinced that we can, in particular, achieve the goal of 11 long-distance adoptions per year in Madagascar. We believe in it.

We always look at both the positive and negative aspects of what happens to us. Some events at the beginning of the year, in theory negative, in reality and in the long term have allowed us to become what we are, aware that we can greatly improve ourselves.

Certainly we are more real and more us. We would like to become a member of Figurine Forever as a small pride, an extended family with people from all over Italy, Europe and maybe even beyond. The annual contribution of 20.00 euros allows us to keep it alive, to cover the expenses that we assure you are many, although no one profits from it, neither direct nor indirect.

We want to take careto our members, those who want to follow us for next year and those who want to start now. We will try to create moments only for our members or otherwise make it clear that being a member allows you to have an exclusive way to our activities. Also and above all regarding our productions which, as already announced, will soon be not only further limited but also numbered.

We are not a sales outlet for collectible material not of our production, we have been, there will also be future opportunities, but that is not the purpose of the Association. We want to be honest and clear, if the idea of ​​associating you is to access an important catalog of albums for sale, this is not the case.

Being a member means, first of all, sharing our passion for stickers and the firm belief that these little paper friends can make a difference, even if it may seem small, but it is from small gestures that great stories are born.

The 2021 card will be available from mid-November 2020 together with the magnet. The sticker (with postcard) exclusive edition for members, printed as many as there are members, will be available from January 15, 2021.

Here the information for the membership:

Thank you all


Emiliano Nanni
Figurine Forever Association

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