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I LOVE THE ANIMALS (Gamma 3000 Italy)

stickers: 60 (1-60)
“Starter” pack: album + all stickers € 4.99

Important premise: we like doubles! The stickers have their importance in many aspects, including cultural and didactic ones. One aspect that made them immortal is the possibility of swapping them, of looking for the missing ones, of discovering the images by opening the packets.

On the other hand it is not always possible, even we as Figurine Forever are working on an album in favor of the Centro Tutela Fauna and it will be on sale in 2021 with the entire set of stickers already (first time we talk about it, a juicy preview for those who read this our review).

The editor presents this collection of just 60 stickers on the animal world, all of which are in the album, ready to be attached. The animals are divided by natural environment where they live, each one has a small caption that tells us about its way of life and its characteristics.

Of course 60 stickers are very few for a significant collection on the animal world, let’s say this is “the best of”. Minimal album, useful as a gift to the little ones as a first approach to the world of stickers and of course to that of animals.

Always remind children of the importance of swapping stickers, of sharing this passion with others, the mix between the need to complete their own collection but also to help others do it.


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