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THE COLLEGE (Gedis Italy)


album: THE COLLEGE 2 (Gedis)
stickers: 216 (1-144 + Meme 1-Meme36 + PS1-PS36)
starter pack: album + 1 packet € 1.00
packets: € 1.00 (3 stickers + 1 Meme + 1 PS)

The positive note is the return of Gedis, capable of giving us several wonderful albums over the years (go and recover Dalton’s, for example). It is difficult to be enthusiastic about this second release of Il Collegio (The College), a series / real TV that we really cannot understand and obviously do not like.

A leap in time, the first season was linked to the 80s, this one to the 90s and it suffers. The turn-of-the-century decade was far less bubbly and colorful, no doubt. The pages are therefore more static and simple than the first edition, a matter of details but the details are also important in a sticker album.
The formula is the same, page by page first the girls, then the boys and finally the teachers. The novelty is linked to the presence of new students, fortunately.

The stickers are divided into three categories, as many as 72 do not find space in the album. In fact, in addition to the 144 needed to complete the album, we find 36 Meme Stickers and 36 Poster Stickers, however numbered.

Unmemorable album, it wasn’t even the first one ..


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30 November 2020