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FORTNITE 2 (Panini)

stickers: 368 (1-368)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 4.90
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers)

Fortnite stickers are back and they are back in style! The first album of 2019 seemed rather static to us, on this Panini did a really commendable preparation work. When an empty album is already fun, completing it will be even more fun.

The album is divided into thematic areas, after an overview of the island here are the places and scenarios for the epic battles, from the Middle Ages to the Wild West, from pirates to burgers and much more. In this part we find both single stickers and double stickers for the various characters, some of which you need to be good at making them match the image below. Another interesting aspect are the captions, small comments that make the whole really successful.

This part of the album contains almost 200 stickers, after all the charm of Fortnite is also the multitude, both of situations, of costumes, of weapons, and … of everything!

35 weapon stickers follow, not just a succession of images but an explanation of which ones are the most effective for your fights.

From number 234 the quality of the album really starts to rise, with double, triple and special stickers. The crews are protagonists: Explorers, Royal Hearts, Dino, etc.

Isn’t that enough? From 277 a guide on fun things to do on the island and the final part of the album with all the main characters from every season, from 1 to 10.

Another very interesting aspect is the variety of the stikers, not only glitter, but also shaped, mini, double, triple. The large format, already used for the first album, is absolutely necessary and successful.

Really rich album, we don’t know very well the game, but it seems very varied and complete. A really nice Panini / Epic Games creation


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FORTNITE stickers (Panini)

26 September 2019