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DINSIEME (Promotional srl Italy)

stickers: 168 (1-168)
album: € 3.50
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

Sorry to start with a criticism, but the album alone at 3.50 euro without even a packet is a bad presentation. Among other things and at that point it is not clear why to put plastic in it ..
As already said on other occasions, the albums dedicated to youtubers are now an independent sector of sticker collecting, they are starting to be so many. It was foreseeable that Dinsieme would also arrive, among the most loved at the moment by the very young, with a continuous and exponential growth of their YouTube page.

The album reflects the style of the web couple, so fun and lots of color. The photos are often unpublished and the texts are comments written by Erick and Dominick. Attention, despite the names are very Italian!
In the first part of the album we find the presentation of the characters, including friends and .. “enemies” .. Later space for adventures, both of stories seen on their YouTube channel, and moments of daily life, past, present and who knows, maybe also future.

The stickers are essential, at the moment we only opened one pack, so we refer the presence of special stickers to any future comments. However, a good job was done in the graphic preparation, most of the stickers are probably taken for the occasion.
Of course, the cartoon version could not be missing, perhaps a preview of something to go and see at the cinema as already happened with the antagonists “MecontroTe”?

Double central poster, giant photo on one side, space for stickers 161 to 168 on the back.

The strong point of this album is being, in fact, an album of stickers like “those of the past”. Direct, essential, not an exaggerated number of stickers, no cards or other inventions that are often just a filler and an excuse to raise costs.

Important: do not throw away the bags, with 10 empty you can send them and win one of the 10 invitations to meet the Dinsieme.


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