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(5th edition scheduled for January 16th 2021, Bologna, Italy)

Given the new indications of the Government this evening, we anticipate the communications of the individual organizers and we will not be present in Turin on 25 October or other upcoming dates.

As things currently stand, we hope to be able to organize our meeting on January 16th. We take time until the end of November to make a final decision, for now the event is and remains on the calendar.

For other appointments we invite you to contact the individual organizers; we will use this period to definitively reorganize the stock of stickers linked to the STICKER RAISING FOR MADAGASCAR project. There are still several thousand stickers and cards to be cataloged.

Our headquarters at Edicola Birra Fumetteria will always be active but, in order to safeguard the future of the Association and not being able to count on the help of the various publishers (except in very rare cases), we will limit exponentially the collectors with the swap of double stickers. We cannot do otherwise.

At the same time, the release of new stickers/cards of our production is to be considered suspended, except for:
. FumettoForever Card # 2 (announced mid-November, out late 2020)
. FumettoForever Card # 3 (Nathan Never, out late 2020)
It is possible the release of a Celebrative for our gathering in january 2021, all the others are postponed to after March, if not beyond. Unfortunately, no other FanForever Cards are scheduled until the battered world of concerts is able to restart.

The most important news is that all future stickers/cards as well as being limited (almost all to 150 copies) will also be numbered. The numbering will start from the two FumettoForever cards # 2 and # 3. Pre order for our members and subsequent sale to outsiders.

From the end of October, the Figurine Forever membership campaign for the year 2021 will start, the cost will remain unchanged at 20.00 euros. We are preparing a big surprise for our members: the 2021 gift, in addition to the usual annual magnet, will be a numbered card distributed to members only. The copies will correspond to the members, no others will be printed.

The other fundamental advantages for members will be the pre-order on our productions (in some cases, may be sold out before the external sale) and the possibility of purchasing merchandising material made “on demand” only for members (t-shirts, sweatshirts, binders, box for stickers or albums, etc.), another novelty for next year.

Then, hopefully, the times will come back to meet again at Fairs and concerts and to be able to reorganize even moments of swap stickers.

Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to reach the goal of 11 long distance adoptions in Madagascar for 2020, at the moment we are halfway through the funds for the eighth adoption; without fairs and concerts, it is difficult to raise over € 1,000 between now and the end of the year. Whatever happens, the campaign will continue into 2021 and beyond as planned. Support for other organizations such as the Wildlife Protection Center of Monte Adone, S’Apre Onlus, Maestri di Strada Onlus, Casa delle Donne, is also affected by this unfortunate period we are experiencing. We are happy to have at least managed to deliver the 150 Celebrative of Gigi Meroni to the Grande Torino Museum, we are already working with them for other initiatives in 2021, as well as a collaboration with the Genoa Museum should also start and we hope with other cultural realities in Italy.

In this extremely complicated period we believe in the great heart of collectors and on those who have learned to know us in these 12 months (the Association was born in September 2019) and who will want to continue to support us for next year, as well as new members who want to become part of this great Family. The support of the members allows that fundamental economic basis for the life of the Association, from 31 October 2020 it will be possible to renew the card, from the end of November the new membership card, magnet and the “Only for us” card will be ready.

A big hug to everybody


Emiliano Nanni
Association Figurine Forever
Bologna, Italy

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