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ANIMALS (Panini)


stickers: 288 (1-276 + A1-A12)
album: € 2.00
packets: € 0.70 (6 stickers)

After a few years of pause, Panini tries to regain the stickers market on the animal world. Better still, perhaps Panini tries to start again with real educational albums, like the good old days. Unlikely they will follow “flags of the world” or “the great characters of history”, but it is still a good sign.

At the beginning of the album they are keen to emphasize that the product created “should not be understood as an expert source on the subject”, certainly personnel able to tell the animal world in scientific terms were involved, or someone really working in Modena with the passion for nature! Applause for the first part of the album which immediately reach the main point: the risk of extinction that many species suffer from human actions. Learning from mistakes will perhaps help the new generations to live differently.

Many captions, necessary for the attachment of the stickers to correspond to a moment of reflection and “study”. Each single page presents many stickers with photographs of the various animals, at the bottom the most interactive parts with small shaped figures to learn while having fun.

The following pages are lighter, the animals become the protagonists of games and phrases. Subsequently all the various species, interesting that Panini starts with insects and molluscs, leaving in the pages much further on the album the favorite animals of children such as felines, cetaceans, etc.

The invitation is to enjoy all the pages of the album, they are really fun and always with an eye to sending the right message, because we are facing a very dark period for Nature and we cannot wait any longer.

At the center of the album are the special pages with unfortunately extinct (or almost extinct) animals and the Top 21 of animals in danger, there are some species that really are in everyone’s imagination.

The album closes with a little gem, the 12 Simple & Madama stickers, where our comics couple tells us the secrets of animals. These stickers, numbered A1-A12, are inside some Special Packet inserted in the weekly comic Topolino (for 3 weeks) and in the magazines Animali and Simple&Madama (12 stickers all together) . The purchase of an extra item is an increasingly used technique, at least this time, no cards and packets at a human price.

Two final considerations: the quality of the album paper continues to be bad after what we saw with the latest Marvel 80th; the second aspect is more delicate, if it is true that Panini is a multinational and certainly does not have the beneficial purposes at the center of its interests, for this really well-made album, it would have been interesting to involve and support one of the many companies committed to safeguarding the planet (WWF, Greenpeace, Mare Vivo, just to name a few).

A missed opportunity to give strength to facts and not just to words, however well written.


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