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stickers: 168 (1-164 + M1-M4) + 30 cards (1-30)
starter pack: € 4.99 (album + 3 packets)
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

Welcome back SpongeBob! Cartoon that ended a little anonymous after the great success of about 10 years ago and is now back in vogue thanks to the film these days at the cinema. Our SpongeBob friend always makes his non-sense tales his trademark.

In the beginning it was the Trolls .. it seems Topps has married the card / sticker line. Also in this album we have 30 stickers with the card underneath, by moving the sticker to attach it to the album, the card remains intact, at least until proven otherwise.

The idea is original and interesting, in reality it may suggest that it is a way to raise the price of the packets by passing it off as an improvement, not all albums are born to have cards as well. SpongeBob can be there, taking into account that the cards are not just an extra but allow you to organize a game, thanks also to the poster-board in the center of the album.

As for Trolls, beware that when you ask Topps for any missing stickers / cards, these are separate, so both must be ordered. The sticker formula with the card underneath is only found in the packets. Each card always corresponds to the same sticker, they are not random, in which case it would have been really a nightmare ..

The album is very nice and colorful, funny captions; in the first part all the characters of the cartoon and of the city of Bikini Bottom are presented, in the second part all the adventures of SpongeBob, from the most terrifying (so to speak ..) to the most bizarre. Including the superhero version of ours, more a parody than anything else. The latest stickers with SpongeBob illustrations inspired by some of the most legendary artists in the world.

The album ends with four shiny and very rare stickers, we hope this is not the case! The stickers in general are very nice, two sizes, most smaller, larger and glitter than the 30 with the cards underneath. It is the festival of the absurd, after all we are talking about SpongeBob.

In the center, double poster, the first as mentioned is the board for the cards, the second is the poster of the film with the stickers numbered M.

As practically all publishers already do, the starter pack does not have a real promotional price, you also pay for the album, in this case € 1.99. Too bad, times have really changed!


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