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cards: 172 (standard 1-162 + maxi 1-10)
starter pack: € 5.90 album + 1 packet + Maxi Card box
packets: € 1.00 (5 cards)
maxi card packets: € 5.00 (1 maxi card + 10 cards)

Dragon Ball is there! Years pass, but our Goku continues to be present in newsstands, not only with the various editions of his manga but with always new collections of stickers and especially cards.
So much so that since the time of Edibas it has become increasingly complicated to recognize the various releases, for those 90s it is practically impossible, for the more recent ones it is not immediate.
Having the checklists, over time, becomes essential.

This is the period of Dragon Ball Super, the lamincards as always are very beautiful but .. similar .. in fact the problem in the long run with this type of product is becoming rather repetitive.
After all, the main characters are always the same and it is not easy to be original. With the problem of recognizing the cards between one series and another (dear Diramix, it would be enough to put at least the year of production on the back). The linked game also partially reproduces what has already been seen.

A solution for the future (we are sure more lamincards will come out, probably as early as 2021) could be to create puzzle cards, so that 9 in the binder create a unique image. Panini did it with Frozen2, Blue Ocean did it with Lego Ninjago, come on Diramix, you can do it too.

A small detail compared to the past is the presence of the box to contain the 10 maxi cards, for those wishing to complete the collection, the advice is to buy the box directly, it should help to find all the different ones.


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