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Queiquattro/Thatfour (Diramix Italy)

stickers: 180 (1-166, A-P) + 20 cards (C1-C20)
starter pack: € 3.50 album + 2 packets
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

There are those who collect albums on footballers, cartoons, films and there will certainly also be album fans on social phenomena. Indeed, in the beginning it was Favij and then to follow MecontroTe, LaSabri, Twoplayers and others. We too have created the Youtubers theme in our cataloging, confident that they will increase (and who knows that sooner or later we will not get to make the album also of Queen Chiara Ferragni).

Queiquattro have been able (or someone has done it on their own) to ride the success of TikTok and do it themselves, that’s all. Effective.
It is not the role of Figurine Forever to throw oneself into social reasoning, on the validity or otherwise of these phenomena that overwhelm millions of fans; we prefer to dedicate ourselves to the characteristics of the album, but we are not even about to slaughter these new idols, each era has had its own, more or less understandable to “no longer young”.
We like Diramix, he always makes interesting albums, never copies one of the other. Also this on the four Romans transferred to Milan is well done. The cartoon parts are always pleasant, making it more readable and fun to complete it. In the first part, the pages dedicated to each individual member: Tanc, Gian, Lele and Diego, all very young, born at the beginning of the new millennium.

More interesting is the central part of the album where you enter the personal world of our 4, the family, friendships, their Rome and the quizzes to get to know them better (to know the answers you need to find the stickers). Final part on the current world of the four guys, their activities, TikTok, fashion and 4EVER which clearly almost takes us into consideration and we find it a great way to end this album. Double central poster for stickers A to P, in the total 180 stickers many are special, shaped and of good average quality that other publishers do.

The cards aside, compared to the past Diramix makes a big leap in quality, fortunately in limited numbers (“just” 20) but above all interactive: by downloading the Q4 app, enjoy the video cards (from 1 to 10) and holograms cards (from 11 to 20).

The cost of the packets is average, at least unlike others, we find in each pack 5 stickers instead of 4. Normally, buying a box completes or almost completes the album, another detail on Diramix productions that should not be underestimated.


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