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album: FROZEN 2 – CRYSTAL EDITION (Panini)
stickers: 140 (1-140) + 35 Pop-Up cards (C1-C35)
starter pack: € 4.90 album + 5 packets + 5 LE cards
packets: € 1.00 (4 stickers + 1 Pop-Up card)

comment: come to us lovers of special stickers! For each collection, the most stickers searched are shiny or rough or glitter, etc. When you make the swaps they are worth double the others. Put your heart in peace, in this collection they are ALL!
Having reached the fourth different album on Frozen 2, Panini still manages to renew itself and make each collection different from the other. Here the characters are presented and the same in the key moments of the film, often the images for obvious reasons have already been used in previous albums but could not be done otherwise.

Among the 140 stickers we have something for all tastes: silver, glitter, holographic and even “scratch & discover”, use a coin to reveal the sticker below. To tell the truth, you could go further, for example the hairy or transparent stickers would have been fine.
The strong point, however, are the cards, the oldest among us will remember the Pop-Up stickers in 90s football. At the center of the album is the rigid cardboard poster, where opening it reveals a triple scenario on which to place and play with the 35 different cards. This allows you to imagine many different stories.

As already happened with Onward album, here too we find 5 LE cards, a gift from the starter pack. If you have collected the previous Frozen 2 albums you can put them in the binders.
Are four Frozen 2 albums too many? Is Panini running out of ideas and proposing the same things again? Personally, I disagree.
Frozen is one of the best-selling brands in the world, it is likely to be used several times. Surely at this stage Panini had problems with novelty, given the almost total closure of cinemas for 6 months now, but I like to think that this really interesting album would have been released even in normal times.


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21 December 2019