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BEPPE FOREVER the concert!

On Saturday 22 August, our Association was present at the NOMADI concert on Lake Iseo (Brescia). First official release of Beppe Carletti’s FanForever Card and an opportunity to deliver his “figurina” to the leader and founder of Nomadi.

The ritual photo was a unique emotion, as were their songs that have accompanied us for over 50 years. We promised ourselves to see each other more calmly in Reggio Emilia, we have some ideas and projects to involve the history of Nomadi in our editorial initiatives.

Beppe Carletti with our President

Not only that, we also had the opportunity to give a small gift to Massimo Vecchi, bassist and voice of Nomadi, a great fan of Torino FC. For him a copy of our Celebrative of the myth Gigi Meroni, very fresh off the press! In this way, even Par Condicio is safe

Massimo Vecchi, happy with our Gigi Meroni sticker

We would like to thank the Nomadi, in particular Beppe and Elisa, really friendly (we apologize again to them for not having brought with us the giant picture of Beppe, the fault of the emotion), also the organizers of the concert, really demanding in this very particular period.

The concert was one emotion after another, like the stickers, even Nomadi songs are full of memories, after all the band is practically the same age as the legendary Panini!


P.S. if you are wondering why we chose this concert for the first release, maybe the photo below is enough for you! 🙂


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