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(in picture: “our” Cisco while donating stickers before one of his concert)

Stefano “Cisco” Bellotti, singer and always advocate of many charitable and social initiatives, friend of our Association, has been nominated Honorary Member. We hope to be able to deliver the celebratory plaque to him in person as happened with Comaschi and Signori.

The numbering of honorary cards is not consequential, but linked to specific reasons. In the case of Cisco, the choice of the number 7 is linked precisely to the history of his nickname and his passion for football.

(in picture: the cover of his autobiography)

In fact, every time he played football with his friends as a boy, he wore a shirt number 7 with the inscription “San Francisco”, gradually worn to the point of leaving only the last five letters, precisely Cisco.

(on left Emiliano Nanni, on right Cisco)

Welcome Cisco! In stickers we trust

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