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Thanks to the many donated stickers, we have also managed to make complete sets (for others we are looking for empty albums, remember that it is also possible to donate albums to the project, not just the stickers) and so here is a new initiative: album + complete set of stickers to attach, the WHOLE SUM will be destined for our solidarity projects.

You can find solidAlbums at our headquarters, a nice idea for children and adults in this period and beyond. Here is the list (for some we have multiple copies, for other unique copies).

In support of the international campaign for Distance Adoptions in Madagascar:

Dino & Amici insetti (Fol.Bo.) 20,00 €
Disney Junior (Panini) 30,00 €
Dragon Ball Evolution (Panini) 10,00 €
Fortnite 2019 (Panini) 50,00 €
Frozen 2 only stickers no cards (Panini) 30,00 €
Gorjuss Santoro 2019 (Panini) 50,00 €
Gormiti 2019 (Panini) 30,00 €
Hannah Montana 2009 (Panini) 10,00 €
Juventus 2019/20 only stickers no cards (Euro Publishing) 30,00 €
Me contro Te stickers (Diramix) 35,00 €
Trulli Tales (Panini) 30,00 €

in support of the Monte Adone Wildlife Protection Center:

Animali nel mondo (Fol.Bo.) 20,00 €
Baby Animals (Fol.Bo.) 20,00 €
Dino & Amici dinosauri (Fol.Bo.) 20,00 €
Wild oltre natura (Edibas) 20,00 €
Zampe & co. (Panini) 35,00 €

Mondobimbi Tafita Tuléar; Centro Tutela e Ricerca Fauna Esotica e Selvatica – Monte Adone

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