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EURO 2020 ADRENALYN (Panini Italy)


cards: 491 (1-468 + 23 limited edition)

starter pack: € 9.90 (binder + 4 packets + 2 cards ltd edition)

packets: € 2.00 (8 cards)

tin box: € 12.90 (includes 4 cards ltd edition)

I asked myself what the role of the stickers is (stickers or cards, it changes little), I thought about their primordial task, their first purpose: fun and pleasure in collecting them, inserting the cards in the appropriate spaces of the binder or attaching them on the album.

In this period of great sacrifices and renunciations, why give up this too? Collecting was not born to live it alone, the involvement of other fans, including the legendary “gotgotneed” in making the swap, is an integral part of the whole, that will also come, but for now we leave the stickers their task: to give us serenity and light-heartedness. For this reason I thank Panini for having brought out the collection, despite the fact that the event is postponed. Of course, Panini did it for economic reasons, for the need to try to sell the material already produced. Not only this, as a passionate I can recognize the work done, it is not just a matter of being professionals, but you can still see that passion that, in the Modena offices, still shines through.

The album is incredibly beautiful, as a collector of sticky stickers rather than cards, I can notice the quality, but also the taste in presenting the various teams. I add one thing, made the necessary differences, I think it will be really hard that the album of traditional stickers can be better. What happens with Calciatori is different here: for the first time, probably, the cards surpass the stickers and perhaps they would have done so also in terms of sales. I add a detail, do not stop only on the cost of the packet, they are 2.00 euros but there are 8 cards inside, so individually they cost less than before.

Below is the previous written review, revised and corrected:

although Euro2020 has become Euro2021, Panini has decided to release the Adrenalyn collection. Mandatory choice because all the material had already been printed and in some parts of Europe it was already in distribution. We do not share the promotional approach: on the web there is no reference to the one-year postponed tournament, at least not on the material already printed it was possible to have a different approach.

Pity. Too bad especially because the collection is really beautiful, the starter pack is of great impact, the poster checklist is a small trick but of great charm. Interesting, nice and also useful. The official guide is really well made and allows you to get passionate about all the peculiarities of the collection. In the 468 cards we find classic themes, but also novelties. The base cards are really beautiful, the background with the flag is splendid, much more intriguing than previous ideas. Only the captains are represented in the classic bust photograph. The quality of the cards is very good with the use of a lot of special material. Panini’s work is undeniable in trying to improve the collection and, compared to the past, also try to make it different from the previous ones.

Special mentions for the MULTIPLE cards with three champions together for national teams, the PLAY-OFF TEAMS right realization since we did not yet have the complete list of the finalists and allows us to also have the cards of national “news” such as North Macedonia and Kosovo . Interesting the HOST CITIES even if the real photos of the stadiums were better, finally the 9 RARE with a hidden player.

The issues planned with limited editions at the moment are:

Starter Pack (Immobile, Ramsey), Tin Box (Donnarumma, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lukaku, Mbappè), Bomber Magazine (March 31 Zielinski, Eriksen – April 16 Szczesny, Sergio Ramos – May 9 Calhanoglu, Modric), Premium packet (De Bruyne, Sancho , Saul, Lenglet, Havertz, Verratti, De Jong, Joao Felix) and Premium Gold packet (Fabian Ruiz, Reus, Van Dijk). ATTENTION: for the Premium Gold packet the sale is provided ONLY online.

In addition to the Limited Edition, we have cards released only in some parts of Europe: NORTHERN EUROPE from 469 to 480 Nordic Heroes, UK & IRELAND with the cards of Eire (IRL1-IRL18), Northern Ireland (NIR1-18), Scotland (SCO1- SCO18)

What will Panini do in 2021? At this point the most likely idea is that a second Adrenalyn collection will be released, even if the teams of this “current” one are absolutely out of date. Paradoxically, for example, the presence in the Italy cards of Nicolò Zaniolo, seriously injured at the moment, will hopefully return to be the protagonist in 2021.

Will the stickers version come out at this point? Hope yes. In this event-poor summer, without knowing when we can go back to meet and embrace each other again, our beloved stickers, once again could make the difference


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