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stickers: 612 (1-590, MC1-8, Lions1-4, DM1-5, treasure chest sticker 1-5)

album: distributed free of charge in the areas involved

packets: € 0.50 (6 stickers)

comment: Italy is a country full of thousand-year-old treasures, traditions and jewels; a lifetime would not be enough to visit it all. Since you have to leave somewhere, why not take inspiration from this album dedicated to the countries around Vesuvius?

Realized by the Editorial Cooperative ESSECI, it is incredibly full of information and attention to detail. It is also a hymn to fight ignorance, in all sincerity I discovered myself very little aware of the treasures of the Vesuvian area, so much to be desired as soon as possible to visit.

We are of course talking about an educational album, intended for school children or anyone who wants to attack stickers while having fun and learning at the same time. The stickers allow you to complete a volume that even without it is impossible to define empty, the captions and the story in comics accompany us page by page making reading exciting.

The protagonist of our trip is Enea, a young explorer accompanied by the dog Orazio. During the various legs he will make incredible encounters with great characters of the present and the past but also Nature that comes to life to introduce him into stories and legends.

Almost like a Calciatori album, no town belonging to the Vesuvian area and the Lattari Mountains has remained outside this album and each one is praised through their own great little wonders created by man or nature over the centuries. Of course, speaking of Vesuvius, we cannot forget the eruptions that have hit this area hard over the centuries, not only on 24 August 79 AD. but until more recent times with the events of 1944 and 1972. Telling a dramatic story and putting it at the beginning of the album is an appreciable choice, a painful but equally necessary introduction.

Subsequently, our page after page travels through a densely populated area. In order not to fail in the setting of the album, absolutely shareable, this review will cite all the towns involved in the project, each is dedicated from 2 to 12 pages based on the space needed to present their characteristics (here are just a few , they are a lot!):

Pietrarsa with its National Railway Museum; Portici with its palace; Ercolano with its famous excavations and its Vesuvian villas; Torre del Greco, the city of coral, with its basilica and monastery, accompanied by the poet Giacomo Leopardi; Torre Annunziata and the villa of Poppea; Trecase accompanied by Bacchus the God of wine; Pompei and the ruins of its ancient city famous all over the world; Gragnano and its maccaroni with lots of didactic fairy tale about pasta, set in neapolitan (fantastic!); Boscoreale and its archaeological wonders; Terzigno destroyed three times by the eruptions; San Giuseppe Vesuviano and its sanctuary; Ottaviano and his churches; the Vesuvius National Park rich in fauna, flora and natural beauty; Palma Campania and its carnival; the splendid Nola accompanied by the philosopher Giordano Bruno; Somma Vesuviana and its Borgo; Santa Anastasia and her first miracle of the bleeding Madonna; Cercola with its orchards; Pollena Trocchia and its villas; Massa di Somma and its Piennolo cherry tomatoes; San Sebastiano al Vesuvio and its church; San Giorgio a Cremano and his two saints, where our heroes meet the never quite late Massimo Troisi, so the album also gives us the cartoon sticker of the famous neapolitan actor.

Not only Troisi, in the final part of the album we find the two homage pages to Naples and cartoon stickers of De Crescenzo, Totò, De Filippo, Maradona, Pino Daniele, etc. Creepy pages with the famous phrases of texts or songs, strictly in neapolitan and dedicated to this beautiful city.

The album is made thanks to the fundamental aid of some sponsors, the last pages are proper cartoon stickers connected to the main supporters: Mondo Camerette (MC1-MC8, Lions Club (Lions1-Lions4), Di Maio Medical (DM1-DM5). On the sidelines we have 5 treasure chest stickers, which do not find space in the album but are used to participate in the competition for schools. Schools are direct protagonists of the whole project, involving teachers and children in completing the album and learning with it.

We hope the current situation throughout Italy has somehow allowed not to block the initiative, after all the newsstands continue to be open and the kids have a lot of free time and the album has been distributed since the end of last year.

Speaking of newsstands, the album is distributed in the Neapolitan province of the Vesuvian area (from Portici to San Giorgio a Cremano in an anti-clockwise direction plus the areas of Gragnano and Nola), but it can be ordered from the publisher at

Nature, ancient Romans, culture, gastronomy, religion, traditions and much more in one album, made really well. It is part of a series of albums with already made “In search of the treasures of Irpinia” and “In search of the treasures of lower Lazio”, already reviewed in the past days.

Recommended for everyone and at all latitudes!

Final judgement: 10/10


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