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stickers: 708 (1-668, Le Torri1-4, Conad1-4, DM1-2, Lodi1-2, Onorati 1-2, Già Sai1-2, Miami1-3 + sticker for free entrance to Miami Beach park, Solac 1-16, chest 1-4)

album: distributed free of charge in the areas concerned

packets: € 0.50 (6 stickers)

comment: “all roads lead to Rome”, whether true or not, if you are from the parts of the eternal city then take a few days to visit the area of ​​lower Lazio, the Ciociaria and the Latina area, the protagonist of this album of stickers .

The young explorer Enea and the faithful dog Orazio immerse themselves in nature, which this area of ​​Italy is full of. If the album on the Vesuvian treasures, already reviewed ( ), was still very focused on the work of man, this is instead a tribute to pristine beauties or almost, where the presence of the human being is an added, not predominant factor.

Indeed, page after page, one has the impression that the charm of this area is also due to the ability, for once, of knowing how to live with the land and its elements without overwhelming it.

The album is very interesting to read, a lot of comics and fewer real photographs than other educational albums, not for this reason a defect but rather an added value. It makes reading even more exciting. Attacking the stickers, on pages already full of history and captions, is used to complete an extremely refined scenario, where no notion is left to chance. On the contrary, if desired, certain information instead gives the starting point for more detailed research.

We find many stories and adventures disconnected from each other, the common denominator is of course the place, or the wonders of the lower Lazio, as reported by the title.

We can divide them into three major themes:

. nature: stories presented by landscapes, mountains, lakes

. animals: stories through the help of several once-speaking animals (all living in this area, not “random”, important detail)

. legends: stories to go back through the centuries with tales of miraculous waters, sirens, ladies, ancient Romans and ancient knights

The final part of the album dedicated to the sponsors who made possible the creation, another important factor, the synergy of the publisher with the territory, to which the special numbered stickers are dedicated, which also allow you to participate in various promotions. Collaboration also with local newspapers (Latina Oggi, Ciociaria Oggi) directly involved in the creation of the Giornale dei Tesori.

The main recipients are of course the students and the schools, with whom many interesting initiatives related to the album and its completion are proposed. I would also add the scouts, it could be an interesting formula the knowledge of a certain location and album at hand, go to visit it in person.

The album has been released since the end of 2019 so we hope the kids and schools have had time to get to know it before the beginning of this difficult period. It can be found in the provinces of Latina and Frosinone, but can be ordered from the publisher at the email

Wanting to find fault, it is sincerely too impressive, if the album on the Vesuvian treasures could be defined as complete, because each town was dedicated to some pages (just don’t leave anyone out), here it could be divided into two releases.

Over 700 stickers are too many, two albums of 350/400 stickers would perhaps have been more effective, to be presented in two consecutive years.

Final judgment: 8/10


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