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PLANET X (Chimpazee Italy)


album: PLANET X (Chimpanzee)

stickers: 155 (1-155) + 48 cards (B1-B48)

starter pack: € 2.99 (album + 1 packet)

packets: € 0.60 (4 stickers + 1 card)

comment: this album has only one bad luck, to be released in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency and therefore risk going quietly, it would be a shame. The correct term is however PlayAlbum, the stickers are an integral and important part of the product, but the album is really much more.

Those who write, by now you know it, have a soft spot for didactic albums, the real ones, believing that even today, through the immortal charm of the stickers, it is possible to teach younger generations themes of various kinds such as culture, environment or in this case even science. Planet X is in fact created in collaboration with ALTEC of Turin, the Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company, cool!

The story from which the album starts is also a warning: “Captain Banana”, a nice star monkey, ends up in Planet X, a place that has become very dangerous due to the machinations of the perfidious Doctor Bongo who caused environmental disasters, a planet very similar to our Earth, even with its problems.

Albums with so much text have rarely been seen, but a serious mistake would be to simply stick to the stickers without following the story and especially without taking part in the game. Game absolutely well made because interactive with crossroads, so based on the choices you make, skip or go back in the various chapters of the album. This clearly allows you to be able to play several times without ever repeating what you have done before. Speaking of games, the album is obviously full!

In addition to the 155 stickers, we find 48 “Catch the Blaarg” cards for the game board that we find in the center of the album. They are divided into trap cards, trick cards and blaarg cards. 10 cards are enough to participate. A not insignificant detail, the game board is made of cardboard, therefore made to last over time and it is not even necessary to remove it from the album. The whole album is generally of excellent workmanship, coated paper, you can see the great work in making it.

In short, in this period where we are all closed at home, the newsstands are still open, so I invite not only families to make the purchase, but also the teachers themselves could use this product remotely, helping children learn while having fun.

For all information:

Final judgment: 8/10


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