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Dear friends and members, we have decided to use this period to catalog all the stickers and cards donated for Madagascar that we had not yet had time to check, at the same time the warehouse is currently not accessible.

For this reason, until the date to be assigned, we suspend the sale of the single stickers and also the online catalog will be updated only once at the end of this procedure. Let’s say by the end of May.

Then we invite you to read this letter from our President:

“Nobody like us knows how to get up, when it seems over”

To those who in these days try to bring down the mood by writing against, to those who try to debase the commitment of the vast majority of a people who are at home, to those who use this period for personal or group revenge, to those who simply think of self.

We are a strange, unique people, we are a people who have known over the years and over the centuries how to get up in front of the difficulties and difficulties we have had many, we are a people of inventors, dreamers, players, mess makers but with a big heart.

It will be tough, tough, long, very long but it is our history, our victories as our defeats and our defects show us the way to go. The Earth has put us at a crossroads, today is the time to fight, tomorrow will be the time to start again, treasuring what happened.

Proud to be Italian, proud of my people.

Emiliano Nanni


Figurine Forever Association

Bologna, March 19, 2020

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