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cards: 180 (1-180)

starter pack: € 9.99 (album + 4 packets)

packets: € 1.00 (5 cards)

comment: ATTENTION, IT IS NOT A NEW ALBUM. In fact it is the same already released in 2019, the cards are the same, at least the ones we have checked. Panini does not send out the same folder (this is dated 2020) but the cover image is the same, perhaps to avoid the risk that someone bought it thinking it was a novelty.

In reality it is not really a crystal clear behavior, in the web presentation there is no mention of a reissue and one thinks that “warehouse funds” are being used, the packets are the same, in fact they are dated 2019.

In short, we do not know how to define it, not however, it is not the first time that Panini sends successful editions to newsstands, so let’s not make a drama out of it.

The cards are lamincards like those of the competing Dragonball, which we sincerely prefer. No limited cards or anything else has been added, an interesting initiative only for new collectors.

Final judgment: – (without a vote)


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