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LASABRI (Diramix Italy)


stickers: 179 (1-165, A-N)

starter pack: € 2.99 (album + 2 packets)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: new album for a web star, the youtuber Sabri. In 2014 she opened her channel talking about her passion for video games, she became a star talking both about playful themes (fashion, travel, etc.) and social themes (racism, homophobia, etc.).

Today he has over 2 million followers and is probably the number one for girls aged 10 to 15, almost normal that he reaches the great milestone of his personal album of stickers.

The album is nice, colorful and engaging. It traces the stories told on the web, from small daily experiences to sports, fashion, travel, animals, family, friends, complete with a special section for the many tattoos that color the body of our youtuber.

Taking into account our solidarity project for Madagascar, a special notion for the four pages of the album dedicated to the experience in Africa and to the support children in Kenya that our Sabri carries out. Brava!

As a fan of comics, the cartoons that we can read page by page are also very nice, another small trick to involve the girls in reading. In the center, double poster with stickers on both sides to discover the world of the youtuber. The stickers are mainly live, taken from the scenes of the same videos with in addition the special glitter and transparent shapes.

If you are lucky you may find the party cards to win an autographed backpack or even a meeting with her, cross your fingers.

In general, a very nice album, make your daughters happy and take it home!

Final judgment: 8/10


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