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YOOHOO (Panini)


stickers: 188 (1-170, H1-H18)

starter pack: album + 5 packets + 1 3d figure € 4.90

flow pack: 1 packet + 1 3d figure € 1.90

packets € 0.80 (5 stickers)

comment: the idea of ​​this cartoon is absolutely interesting and in step with the times. Mother Nature, tired of seeing the planet destroyed by the blindness of human beings, convinces Father Nature to do something. How? Transforming 5 executives of the Nasty Corporation (already the name, a whole program ..) into little animals with the aim of sending them around to save the world and its inhabitants (first of all the same innocent animals) from the nefarious work of man .

Our “heroes” will have to find the gems planted by Father Nature in the various places they visit, only by collecting all of them can they request to return to being human.

Panini mainly dedicates the album to the “animals to save” aspect, actually forgetting the pollution issue, but thanks to the stickers it tells and teaches children also to make small discoveries of the various regions of the Earth that our people will visit.

We can define it a new generation didactic album, that is without real images, but thanks to cartoons many notions about the animal world and the realities where they live.

Very colorful album, some shaped stickers and the classic glitter. Honestly, the stickers are perhaps the least appealing side of the collection, the album and its lyrics give the impression that it could be an excellent album, but by opening the packets you lose a little enthusiasm.

In short, all very nice, but nothing exceptional. Central poster for the stickers H1-H18 which is perhaps the best part, we do not find spaces already numbered on the poster but you have to find out where to attach the stickers based on the various clues that can be discovered in the album pages (in the poster there are the solutions anyway).

Linked to the album we also have a collection of 12 3d animals, all the main characters of the animated series.

Final judgement: 7/10


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