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ME CONTRO TE – THE MOVIE (Diramix Italy)


stickers: 180 (1-172 + A-H for the central poster)

album + 2 packets € 2.99

packets € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: new album for youtube stars Sofi and Luì. After the stickers and cards, we return to the traditional stickers on the occasion of their first cinematographic effort. Blockbuster film and this also bodes well for the success of the album.

In the 180 stickers we find really everything, shaped, sparkling, glitter, special stickers, the strong colors (fuchsia in particular) are the protagonists of this very nice and funny album.

The advice, however, is to collect it after going to the cinema, in fact page after page we discover the adventure of ours and you risk discovering everything first.

Note on the shaped stickers and those with comic characters, an album in the album that makes it even more nice. After all, the film itself is a mix between real and animated characters.

The battle against Mr. S until the final battle! In short, this great success for the little ones can be shared or not, but the care in making the album and making it fun to complete remains without a shadow of a doubt.

Note of merit for Diramix, purchasing an entire box of 5 stickers completes the album. This should be a solution always used when buying an entire box for albums with not many stickers, good Diramix!

Final judgment: 8/10


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