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AMICI CUCCIOLOTTI 2020 (Pizzardi Italy)


stickers: 600 (1-496 + 12 doubles + 72 parlottini + 8 mini + 12 stickers)

album + packet + giant sticker € 1.00

soft album + 3 packets + giant sticker € 3.00

maxi poster for the giant stickers + 8 packets + 1 giant sticker € 5.90

packets € 0.60 (6 stickers + 1 parlottino) € 4.80 (8 packets + 1 sticker)

comment: the Amici Cucciolotti collection is a story in itself, every year it reappears and every year is a success.

It should be underlined by Pizzardi Editore to always make it very rich and connected to initiatives in favor of our animals thanks to the synergy with ENPA, but also for the protection of the sea and for children hospitalized in hospitals.

Three good, very good reasons, to buy albums and packets, regardless.

The album is always super colorful and fun, about 600 stickers to complete it. It is interesting that Pizzardi page by page also indicates which stickers should be attached, although they are numbered. A little help to not get lost in the search for the number.

Of course, children have to become noses too, like the comic friends who accompany the album pages. Special stickers, shaped, glitter, transparent, there are so many particular stickers that it would be almost easier to tell the classics, you do it first!

As a comic book lover, the stories in the album are much appreciated, with Westie, godmother of the Cucciolotti, who lives many adventures thanks to the Nose-Machine.

It would not seem but it is also and above all an educational album that allows the game to get to know curiosities and details of the animals and the places where they live.

The album, both paperback and soft version is another trademark and synonym of quality.

In addition to the 496 stickers that are needed to complete the album, have the usual extras:

.72 little “parlottini”, present in each packet, very nice idea to communicate with friends through stickers

. 12 “doppioloni”

. 8 ministickers with letters, numbers and symbols

That’s all? No, because there are 12 giant stickers! To have them all you can simply buy the complete special box and in addition to finding them all you have a nice number of stickers to complete the album. Don’t forget the maxi poster of the magic mirrors where to stick the 12 giant stickers.

If we add that the cost of the packet is lower than other products (0.60 for 7 stickers) and that the purpose is social, we find no reason not to run to the newsstands

Final judgment: 9/10


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