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Sentimento Granata – 100 YEARS SALERNITANA (Creatiwa Italy)


stickers: 353 (1-353)

packets: 0.70€ (5 stickers)

box: 5,90€ (10 packets), 16,90€ (25 packets), 29,90€ (50 packets)

comment: it is not wanted, but we are happy that the review nr. 100 matches with this well-made album on the centennial of Salernitana. I had seen some photos and images on social media but being able to touch it with my hand was a pleasure.

Meanwhile, the editorial choice to make it paperback and not stapled, certainly an extra cost that immediately bears fruit and maintains the idea of what we can imagine was in the intentions, not only an album of stickers but a small encyclopedia, to be kept in the library in plain sight. An album that is also a story, of a father who tries to explain to his son the love for a team and its colors.

The fans of Salernitana do not want it, but from a distance it seemed an “exaggeration” to celebrate a team, certainly loved, but still with a history of sport not of a high standard. Well they thought not to present the album for decades or similar, but creating a sort of “best of” in the history of the team, dividing the album into chapters that were not strictly connected to precise historical periods.

Front pages of the album of great graphic impact, reviewing famous badges and shirts and their evolutions over the years. A drop of Romagna in the album with the next chapter entitled Fellinian “Amarcord”, dedicated to the memories and the most ancient history of club. The captions that allow you to discover anecdotes and curiosities are also very interesting, often the lifeblood of our beloved football, at all levels.

From here on, the players who made the history of Salernitana follow each other role by role: captains, bombers, goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, fantasy players and forwards.

Finished album? no, still missing a lot because it is an album all over the world of Salernitana, not only the players and therefore here are the great victories, the winning teams, the trainers (in these parts Gianpiero Ventura remains very loved), the presidents and of course the twelfth man in field, the Curva Sud, the heart of the grenade supporters.

The album ends with the current team, 2019/20 season, fighting to bring Salernitana back into the gotha of Italian football.

The graphics of the entire album are captivating, pages full of colors where the passion of those who made this product shines through, surely with a thought more to the heart than to the wallet.

We come to the stickers, certainly here too has been done a good research and appreciable attempt, successful, to make sure that the album was not monotonous. Color photos, black and white, players in action, posing players, shirts, choreography, matches. Not all of them are perfect, for example those of the matches we have found one that is certainly a still image photographed by the TV (with bad results), but on the other hand they are very good.

Another important detail, after the release of the album some important errors were discovered, of text, of players instead of others, etc. Further effort by the authors who made extra free packets to replace the stickers. Deed? In theory yes, in practice it was not obvious and is absolutely welcome.

The great work behind this project can also be found on the website (, of good quality and with lots of information (I am also convinced that it will be further updated in these months). The promotional videos with historical images of the team and its fans are also exciting.

Not only that, the album is on sale in Salerno but can also be purchased on the internet. Two sales phases, the first one, in progress now, is the Gift Box with album + box of 50 packets for only 29.90 (39.90 including shipping), subsequently it will be possible to buy only the album or single packets at the points sale scattered in various parts of the city.

Finally for the more technological, the ability to download the album app and interact with the stickers by discovering hidden sides, videos and more.

This is a job for enthusiasts but also for professionals, when these two worlds meet, often, as in this case, the result is excellent.

Final judgement: 10/10


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